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Noise & Learning

This is the one stop shop for information concerning the Health and Education impacts of Jet Noise, Jet Pollution, and related areas.  The CCAJN Health and Education Committee will post their findings here and will provide links to other organizations researching these issues.

Environmental Protection Agency Noise Impact Study, Click here.
EPA Protective Noise Levels Study: Click here.
Airplane noise interferes with childrens' learning, Cornell Study.
Significant Study: Health Impacts of Airport Noise: Click here.
The Adverse Health Impacts of Airport Expansion with   Reference to Sea-Tac International Airport. Click here<.
Noise Efforts of NYC: Click here. Lessons learned!
Aircraft Noise and Sleep Deprivation, Click here.
Visit Other organizations fighting the same war:       Noise Pollution ClearingHouse     Noise Watch
Done with your research?  Go to 'Points of Contact' and tell a responsible official how mad you are and why.
Read about Deaf or Hard of Hearing Population Statistics<

Don't be surprised if your School Board Members are not aware that jet noise is a problem and is getting worse.  Be patient, educate them, send them data, call them back. Obtain telephone numbers from Contact Points


Capability 1
Credible, professionally recognized authorities on the dangers of jet noise to health and education..
Capability 2
A coordinated voice to responsible officials from concerned parents.
Capability 3
A launch platform from which to heighten community awareness.

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