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Base Closure
Noise Zones
Crash Zones
Affected Subdivisions
Decibel Level
Jet Operations

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To discover what Noise Zone or Accident Potential Zone you are in, please click on the buttons at the leftPlease be patient as they are large maps and may take a while to load.

(The map is not marked as to streets, but the line at the top of the page is Shore Drive and the two lines across the middle are Virginia Beach Boulevard and Interstate 264.)

An Amazing Comparson:  The French Concorde is the loudest commercial airplane flying in the world today.  Due to the severe adverse impact on communities under its flight path, the Concorde is authorized to make only a SINGLE landing and departure EACH DAY from New York.

Navy Hornet and Super Hornet aircraft are over 50% louder than the Concorde and will be making hundreds of take-offs and landing PER DAY over Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. 
View noise comparison chart CLICK HERE.




Many cases about jet noise being argued in the courts; more information Click Here