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School Boards
Oceana #s

Telephone Numbers & Addresses of the folks you may want to contact to let them know how you feel about jet noise and related issues. Please take a moment of your time to make your views known.

Responsible Officials:

Senator John Warner: Click here<.
Senator George Allan  Click here<
Congressman Edward Shrock: Click here.
Federal Officials by zip code. Click here.<
Virginian Pilot Editorial Staff.  Click here.
<City of Va. Beach Home Page:Click Here<

Experts on Noise Related issues or Web Sites where you can find them:

Experts in designing quiet classrooms: Click here.
NEPA; The National Environmental Protection Act. Click here.
Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the U.S.A, Here is where to find the experts.<
Virginian-Pilot Staff Directory:     Department: Editorial
Addis, David J.  Columnist  446-2726
Alexander, Deborah  Asst. to the Public Editor  446-2476
Dougherty, Kerry  Associate Editor  446-2306
Edds, Margaret E.  Associate Editor  2308/1-804-697-1560
Feigenbaum, Lynn  Commentary Editor  446-2441
Lackey, Patrick  Associate Editor  446-2251
Lake, Marvin Leon  Public Editor  446-2475
Scott, Glenn Allen  associate editor  446-2307
Sorensen, Alan  Editorial Page Editor  446-2304
Williams, Elizabeth N.  office manager  446-2305

If you have comments or wish to add an address contact us at

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