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Citzens Concerned About Jet Noise (CCAJN) seeks to preserve and enhance Virginia Beach & Chesapeake community quality of life,  through proactive and constructive engagement of responsible officials, for the purpose of mitigating the adverse environmental and economic impacts of current and future military aircraft operations, to the extent that such efforts are consistent with 'essential' military readiness requirements.  

A CCAJN SURVEY OF RECENT REAL ESTATE SALES RECORDS REVEALS A WIDESPREAD ERROR RATE IN THE DESIGNATION OF NOISE AND ACCIDENT POTENTIAL ZONE INFORMATION PROVIDED TO HOME BUYERS this failure on the part of real estate agents to adequately advise purchasers of expected noise and accident risk impacts grossly violates City ordinance Click here to read more

Jet Noise threatens potential increase in hearing damage to Virginia Beach schoolchildren.  Click here to read more

At a time when our nation is preparing for the possibility of war in Iraq, one would imagine that the Navy would be fully engaged in preparation and support for that effort.  It turns out that there were other matters on the minds of NAS Oceana personnel........Click here to read more

On the front page of Monday's Pilot, the newspaper prominently and inaccurately 
reported CCAJN's position regarding the siting of Navy Super Hornet aircraft on the 
East Coast.  Click here to read more

In recent months, a group of citizen activists in Beaufort County, have been hounding North Carolina officials on the matter of the Navy's proposed Outlying Landing Fields (OLFs).  CCAJN and most ranking officials in North Carolina want to see some Super Hornet squadrons home-based at Cherry Point, and recognize the need for a new OLF.   Click here to READ MORE of this continuing dialogue.

Navy studying bird-strike potential at N.C. site  Read More

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To achieve the "VERY BEST SOLUTION" possible - Your support is needed !   If you would like to make a donation to CCAJN, your contribution to this effort will be gratefully appreciated.      Please mail your check to:
CCAJN, 1060 Laskin Road - Suite 12B,  Virginia Beach, VA 23451

All donations are used to directly promote the objectives of CCAJN. CCAJN is a Not-for-Profit Organization and every individual involved in CCAJN's work is an unpaid volunteer.  Donations are gratefully appreciated but unfortunately are not tax deductible.

To Contact CCAJN:
:      Area Code 757-425-2494
FAX:    Area Code 757-425-2695

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Is harmonious coexistence possible?  CCAJN believes it can be... but NOT without meaningful solutions to problems of jet noise and avoidable accident risk.


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